Welcome to AskChrisCano.com, an educational platform for Military Members, past and present, to come and ask questions specific to their Mortgage needs.

I had the honor of serving in the United States Navy as a part of the Naval Nuclear Field onboard fast attack submarines. It was during my time of service that I was able to purchase my first home using my VA Home Loan Benefit and discovered how powerful of a loan product it truly is. I am extremely passionate about one major thing, the TRUTH being told to us service members about our benefits.

My passion extends to educating our military members about their VA Home Loan Benefit. I love educating a first time home buyer and also challenging seasoned real estate investors to ensure the information they receive is in their best interest. My goal is not to convince a Veteran to do one thing or another, my goal is for them to be empowered by the information I have with the experience of thousands of VA Loans being executed through our teams’ efforts.

It’s not a “product” it’s our entitlement. We need to be educated, with TRUTH.