meet chris cano

It’s easy to understand the passion someone would have for helping Military members succeed in homeownership, but you have to get know what fuels that passion everyday.

You think this is about you? I’m sorry, this isn’t about you, this about you and everyone underneath you. Home ownership is generational.
— chris cano

Chris was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas on the southeast side. You will hear him talk about 544 Holmgreen Road quite often, the home he grew up in (photographed above). He joined the Navy at 18 and served 10 years as a Nuclear Machinist Mate on fast attack submarines out of Pearl Harbor. In his time of service, he had a Chief mentor him and help him understand the importance of homeownership. Once getting out of the Navy, he met Tony Dias, now business partner, who was already pioneering the way to helping many veterans succeed at homeownership. Between Chris’s passion for understanding guidelines and desire to public speak, they began their journey to VA Home Loan Utopia.

Chris owns 8 homes now, 7 on the island of Oahu and 1 here in Texas along with a Building he has purchased to move their company into. He doesn’t just speak about the VA Guidelines, he speaks about his personal journey.

How do we get from a mindset of “I could never” to “why don;t others understand how easy this is?”